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“David and Nicole Binion have an intense passion for the presence of God and a unique revelation of God’s calling for His people to draw the atmosphere of heaven to the earth. David and Nicole have served in full-time ministry together since their marriage in 1994. They have traveled the world leading worship throughout the body of Christ.

The Binion’s have recorded several worship projects and have become mentors in the praise and worship community, empowering a network of inspiring worshippers. They have made numerous television appearances on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and Daystar Television. In 2007, David and Nicole moved to Dallas, Texas and soon after became the worship pastors of Covenant Church with Senior Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes.

Since then, God has led this congregation into an incredible season of revival; a revolutionary movement of worshippers that unite around the theme of the Binion’s latest worship anthem, “Heaven on Earth.” This song has changed the way that churches experience God. With an understanding of God’s desire to empower His people on the earth through miracles, signs, and wonders, David and Nicole are leading the modern church in a paradigm-shift that is nothing short of exhilarating! David and Nicole currently live in Dallas, Texas with their three children: Cole, Gracie, and Carson. They are great leaders, great friends, and simply great people.”

-From www.davidandnicolebinion.org

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David & Nicole Binion
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